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Saturday 10th December 2016 @ 10am: Advent Quiet Day Read More >

CR Christmas Cards

Two designs of specially-produced Christmas Card are available from Mirfield Bookshop. The card on the left has an image reproduced from an early C17th bible in the Community’s special collection. The image on the right shows figures from the Baroque crib which has been placed on the mantlepiece in the House of the Resurrection each Christmas since […]

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News from Zimbabwe October 2016

What was my favourite moment during this visit? Probably it was looking at Tatenda’s school report. Tatenda is a bright boy who was in a day school and doing badly. Trouble at home! So we moved him last year to a boarding school where he struggled for the first six months, unused to the standards. […]

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Advent Devotion – Sunday 4 December

Since 1991 we have invited Christians in West Yorkshire to join us in an Advent preparation for Christmas. The service, originally taken from ‘The Promise of His Glory’, is based on the ‘Great Os’. These are ancient antiphons sung at the beginning and end of the Magnificat from 17th until 23rd December and are best […]

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Jacob CR’s Advent Candle Sets

Br Jacob’s handmade Advent candle sets are still available to order from the Mirfield Bookshop. Made using the stubs from candles in the Community’s church or given by our friends, the sets have carved wooden bases made by our volunteers from fallen wood in the grounds. The result is a unique and attractive, recycled Advent candle set. […]

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Welcome Fabian nCR

Post All Saints’ Day is an apposite time to reflect on this latest important event in the life of CR, and of our newest brother Fabian (né Shaun-Michael) Trevithick. It is not insignificant that his clothing into the novitiate should have taken place during the first evensong for St Luke’s day (17th October). Luke, as […]

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